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Experts in Trailers and Hitches Since 1935

We’ve been Cleveland’s trailer and hitch experts since 1935. With experience in virtually every aspect of trailer manufacturing and maintenance, from axles and brakes to floors and doors, our goal is to make sure your trailer is working its best for you.

We Make Axles too!

Sometimes axles can be repaired, recambered, or otherwise rejuvenated and returned to the road. Other times, nothing but a replacement axle will do. Of course we can order trailer axles and install them, but we also make axles! 

We build axles right here in our shop, making them precisely to replace damaged or badly worn axles. While we think it’s just another way JTI’s experienced mechanics and welders keep our customers rolling, manufacturing new axles is no small feat. Our technicians have many decades of experience, and many happy customers who appreciate their work.

Got a problem with your trailer’s performance and suspect the axle may be to blame?

Now you know who to call. 

Which axle would you want on your trailer? 

Meet Our Staff

Our experts are busy and a tad camera-shy, so we hope you’ll bear with us as we build out our content on this page. In  the meantime, don’t hesitate to call or stop in with questions about your trailer, how much your vehicle can handle, or how to spot signs of wear before they cause problems. We’ll be happy to show you trailer options and accessories that can make hauling safer and make your work easier.

More from the Trailer & Hitch Experts 

Follow our blog for seasonal updates, trailer tips, and specials from the trailer experts at JTI. Some of our most popular posts are listed below. We also share automotive industry news, information from our vendors, and a variety of notes about Cleveland weather, sports, and other things that strike our fancy on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to connect with you!

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