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Thinking about Financing a Trailer?

We offer two traditional financing options and a no credit check, 90-day payment plan for our customers. Sheffield Financing and Trailer Solutions Financial offer traditional financing. If you plan to finance a new trailer through either company, simply complete an application online and then see us to finalize your purchase.

Customer Application For Equipment Loan

Sheffield Financial New Loan Application

Trailer Solutions Financial Credit Application

If you prefer to use the 90-day, no credit check payment plan, you’ll complete the application when you make your purchase here at JTI. See bottom of this page for details.

Options for Financing Your Trailer

Both Sheffield Financing and Trailer Solutions Financial are long-established companies that make loan decisions quickly. Below, some things you’ll want to consider before completing your finance application.

What is the amount of the loan you need?

Sheffield Financing has a $1500 minimum;

Trailer Solutions Financial has a $2500 minimum.

What type of loans are offered?

Sheffield Financing offers revolving and installment loans;

Trailer Solutions Financial offers fixed-rate installment loans.

New or pre-owned?

Sheffield Financing is available for new trailer and equipment purchases only;

Trailer Solutions Financial will finance new or used trailers and equipment.

What are you purchasing?

Sheffield Financing works with customers purchasing equipment and trailers from:

  • CAM Superline
  • Carry-On
  • Floe
  • Hudson
  • Haulin’
  • Meyer
  • Midsota
  • Parker Performance
  • Quality Steel

Trailer Solutions Financial works with customers purchasing trailers or equipment regardless of make or model.

For more information

See the Sheffield Financing or Trailer Solutions Financial websites for the answers to commonly-asked questions.

Please begin the application by telling us what you are interested in financing.
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